Clouds over Europe

Holland from the plane

England from the plane

England from the plane

England from the plane

At the airport - this plane goes to USA (double decker)

Radar at the Heathrow airport

Workers at the airport - see, normal people, like us? Just too many signs around them, Englishmen like signs...

The famous (or infamous) Concorde at the Heathrow

Welcome to Heathrow - this looks stunning at night

Holiday Inn at Heathrow, M4 Junction 4 - the name says it all, looks nice, but they're rennovating and they only did the first 4 floors...

Holiday Inn at Heathrow, M4 Junction 4 - the foyer

Holiday Inn at Heathrow, M4 Junction 4 - registration desk; you can't see it here, but all the staff in the hotel is of Indian descent, no whities there...

Holiday Inn at Heathrow, M4 Junction 4 - Slavka in front of the hotel sign at the entrance

Ahhh... The Tube!

Slavka at the Exhange Office; the bastards take 3 pounds off of every exchange!

Well, the English have a penchant for signs, and so do I...

Entering the Tube - you can see Slavka entering through the revolving gate

Piccadilly Circus - pity I didn't have enough time to take this picture properly...

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus Tube station - like you see, very popular place for taking a picture

I forgot which theater was this, but they have Ewan McGregor starring, and lots of people in front...

... as you can easily see...

I tried to take a picture of an old cab in London (they also have new ones now)

...and they also have new double deckers...

Just an impressive building across Waterstone's

Traffic near Piccadilly Circus

Waterstone's has an interesting sign...


London Trocadero at Piccadilly Circus

London Trocadero at Piccadilly Circus, close-up

You have to admit, it's an ingenious way to stop someone from stealing your bike; but you're bound to get your hands dirty. In the hindsight, wasn't it more convenient to just buy *two* chains so as to put one of them on each of the wheels?

Waterstone's storefront

Sign at the Waterstone's - nice sign, nice angle...

OK, let's be blunt: our business is money, and our name is Money Corporation. Ingenious!

Nice signs, and not bad suits in the store

Strolling around, I caught a monument dedicated to the Crimean War

Just a building in London

You have to admit, this would be a nice address to have on your house, eh?

...and this gentleman has it - it's barely visible, but it's a small house in the middle of the park, surrounded by a lake; it looks marvellous!

How can anyone go to London and not take a picture of one of these?

Westminster Palace, with local policemen having a gathering in front

This is one of the scary signs in London, you can see them very often and almost anywhere.

The Tube - lines and ads at Westminster station

The Tube - Jubilee line, sign at Westminster station

The Tube from the inside - please note that everyone is either reading a book or looking towards the floor; the rule are very strict there - no eye contact!

Victoria station sign

Ah, the miraculous effort of dignifying the Tube - you can actually read poetry in there! Pity that you usually drive around for 45 minutes, and you only have this one poem; they should have copies of complete Shakespeare's works inside to keep you occupied...

Our final Tube destination for the evening - Heathrow Terminals

My room in the infamous Holiday Inn Heathrow M4J4 hotel; it looks nice...

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